How to Stop the Spread of a Staph Infection

If you or someone you are close to is diagnosed with a staph infection, it is critical to take steps to prevent the spread of the infection to others. Not only for the good of your friends and family, but also because once it spreads within a family, it is usually recursive and extremely difficult to get rid of.


How Staph Spreads
Staph Infections can spread through contaminated surfaces and from person to person. If an infected individual touches a staph infect wound or even their nose, their hands become contaminated and can easily spread through touch.

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Steps to Stop Staph Infections
The nose is an important area for staph infections because that is where the bacteria colonize. Therefore, anyone diagnosed with a staph infection should apply bactroban to the inside of their nose using a sterile q-tip twice daily. This will help to kill the colony of bacteria in the nose and thereby limit the spread of the germ. However, this will not completely stop the spread of the staph infection.


It is also important to take very serious personal hygiene steps to further limit the spread. An individual with staph must be extra-careful and extra-clean.
Hands should be washed frequently, which is the most important step in preventing the spread of staph. In the future, Anti MRSA paper towels may aid in the prevention of MRSA.
Daily showers or baths with antibacterial soap will also help.
Finally, washing towels, sheets, and anything shared in hot water and bleach can help reduce the chances of the infection spreading throughout the family.

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