A Brief History Of Aromatherapy Use

Essential oils have been in use for therapeutic purposes for over 6,000 years by ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese and Indians. They have been in use as perfumes, as cosmetics and as certain drugs. You can read more of this one essentialoils.com.ng

In recent times, they are used for spiritual, hygienic, therapeutic and spiritual purposes. The United States welcomed the use of aromatherapy in the 1980s and also began to enjoy its benefits.

There are lots of aromatherapy products in the market now that are made from synthetic fragrances. These do not have the same properties as essential oils. So you should be careful with your purchase and ensure you are buying trusted products.

Some Components Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are compounded from concentrated extracts from seeds, roots, leaves or blossoms of plants. The purpose for which the oil is intended determines the active ingredients that will comprise it’s mix.

Some essential oils are compounded to treat fungal infections or swellings. Others are designed for emotional relaxation as they make the room smell very pleasing.

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